Career Quest: Path to becoming an Android Engineer

For a long time I had been considering my career and what I should do.

I am interested in so many things so its very difficult to choose and stick to one thing. But a few years ago I finally dedicated myself to one single goal. I decided to not start any irrelavant projects until I achieved this goal. My goal was to start a career as an application developer.

I put it at the top of my bucket list. (A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die)

The Japanese section is automatically translated, so please forgive item #7. I don't want an american man...

Next, I decided what my first job would be and re-engineered a path to get that job. I chose to become an Android Engineer.

I searched for the best courses for beginners on Android and found Udacity’s Nanodegree.

I created a study plan and watched the circles get closer to completion every single day. I was a studying machine!

Finally I made my first simple application.

Then I made a portfolio to show any apps I make in future interviews.

My studying and job search continues, but I am getting closer and closer to realizing my dream.

If you know anyone who is looking for an Android Developer, please contact me!

If not, don’t worry, I will not stop until I succeed!!!

EDIT: I was finally able to complete my mission and get an Android Developer position. I am now continuing my journy as a software developer.