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  • CEO, Engineer


    Blockchain(Bitcoin, Ethereum)
    Node.js(Express, Meteor)

    - スマートコントラクト本格入門―FinTechとブロックチェーンが作り出す近未来がわかる

  • こんにちは!
    My name is Kevin Nguyen and I am from Hawaii.
    I have a BS (Bachelor of Science) in CS (Computer Science) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    My dream has always been to work in Tokyo.
    I love Japan's culture and food!
    I hope that my skills developed from formal Western education can be...

  • Responsible for the business development at Zenport.
    20 year experience of business development, international trading, and marketing at Mitsubishi Corp., The Boston Consulting Group, and Misumi Corp., a global EC player of mass-customized machinery parts.
    MBA, IMD, Switzerland
    BA, Hitotsubashi U...

  • A French developer passionate by web development specially on the server-side to design and build scalable and complex system. Most of my experience as a web developer is on PHP with Symfony and Golang. On the other side, I had also the occasion to build few progressive web apps with Polymer and ...

What we do

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If there is anyone out there, who still doubts IT is what all things are possible, who still wonders why international trade is still out of date, who still questions why you can not change it, "Zenport" is your answer.

"Zenport" is an international trade service for enterprise. It will power exporters and importers by decreasing their backend tasks and optimizing their logistics with Blockchain.

With Zenport, we will change the international trade, and make the one world market.

Why we do

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Our mission is breaking down the borders of world economy, then create the world where all people can trade each other.

Globalization, it begins with the discovery of the new continent by Columbus in 1492. For the first time in human history, "world" has come to mean "all places on the earth".

Until then the world meaning "around the Mediterranean Sea", occasionally meant "around the East China Sea", but it was not captured on the scale of the Earth.

With the Columbus' feat, the world has changed completely.

The migration of food, resources and people between the New World and the Old World (the Eurasian Continent) has changed the world.

For example, it was a potato that met European hunger, it was a rubber that caused industrial revolution, silver that established a monetary system.

This migration is called "Columbus exchange".

And the rapid change that resulted from it has come to be called posterity, "trade revolution (commercial revolution)".

With this trade revolution as a culmination, the world was connected to one.


However, still now the trade cannot make the world into one world market.

An opaque supply chain. Cumbersome office work.

These pre-modern tasks are keeping up the smooth flow of things.
Moreover, from the height of the threshold, individuals who want to start trade are also blocking entry.

We hope to change the power of technology in this situation.

In any case, businesses concentrate only on making things.
I want to make such a world.

As one word, our approach is to use technology's power,
It can be said that Columbus is smoothing the expanded side.

By doing so, we will distribute more things in the world than ever before.
And accelerate the world economy more.

We have defined this as a trade revolution since Columbus and are striving for this realization.

How we do

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We have ten members and six of them are engineers,
CEO is an engineer too, then you don't need to mind about communication.
Our team is a international one. The members come from Taiwan, US, Spain, India and France . Our common language is English, so you don't need to mind about communication, even though you are not good at Japanese.
All of us hope to make our service to be used in the world. We will expand our service globally, Asia, U.S., Europe and your country too.
If you also believe in we will make it, why not join us?









Breaking down the borders of world economy
to create a world where all goods are accessible to all people.

■Core Values
- Challenge
Let us always challenge our own limits.

- User first
Let us always think what our users want, not our managers want. Let us avoid bureaucracy.

- Ownership
Let us ask not what our team can do for us, but ask what we can do for our team.

- Be innovative
Let us always make our opinion. Let us always think better way.

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Founder 加世田 敏宏
Founded on July, 2015
Headcount 11 members
Industries Circulation / Retail Sales / Trading / Wholesalers / IT (Telecom/SI/Software)

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