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Support our Intl Offices as an Intern

Wantedly, Inc.

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  • My name is Nia and I am in charge of International Operations at Wantedly. I mainly focus on overseeing Payment and Subscription operations but also putting a lot of effort into supporting our Singapore and Hong Kong offices to help realize our vision to "create a world where work drives passion"...

  • 9年間英語を幼稚園生から高校生対象に教えつつ、学校のマネージメント業をしてきました。現在はWantedlyで海外CSチームでオペレーションとカスタマーサービスの内容を勉強しつつ、業務にあたっています。趣味は聖書研究です。

    My previous work had been English teaching for 9 years targeting kindergarteners to high schoolers, managing English schools at the same time. Currently, I'm in Overseas Operation Team ...

  • 福岡県出身。焼酎をこよなく愛する九州人。

  • My name is George Watts and I am a Londoner living in Tokyo. My professional experience is in English teaching, consulting and HR. Professionally I am extremely interested in the field of edtech. Starting from when I was a child learning from Khan Academy, up until the present day where I am atte...

What we do

  • 人と企業のマッチングを最大化するWantedly Visit
  • つながりを資産に変える、Wantedly People



1つ目のWantedly Visitは、人と企業の出会いを生み出す「会社訪問アプリ」です。

2つ目のWantedly Peopleは、名刺管理をきっかけとし、人と人のつながりを将来持続的に使える資産へと変える「つながり管理アプリ」です。2016年に立ち上がった新規事業ですが、読み込んだ名刺の枚数は1億枚を超え、今後さらにつながりを深める体験を提供していきます。


Why we do

  • 洒落た会議室でココロオドルミーティングを
  • メンバー同士フラットなコミュニケーションが可能な環境




How we do

  • 「どうやっているのか」を本にまとめました
  • The Wantedly Values










As a new team member

You will be helping to build the core of any successful business: successful customers! As Wantedly continues to expand overseas, we find ourselves in need of more English speakers to help support our international customer base. During this internship, you will learn the ins and outs of managing customer operations and come to understand how customer success teams strategize innovative ways to ensure that customers achieve their goals.

Here's a general idea of what you would be doing:

- Contact and communicate with our clients to maintain platform quality assurance
- Plan and facilitate meetings with our International Offices
- Create content to support client education for our Knowledge Base in English
- Act as a point of contact for our international offices and team members
- Respond to user inquiries via Zendesk
- Help manage and analyze internal projects to optimize client experience

A great candidate for this position would have:

- Native level English
- Strong English writing skills
- Conversational Japanese
- Experience in customer service
- Excel Skills
- Ability to work autonomously
- Analytical skills

If you're interested in the above and would like to come and check out our office, click Want to Visit!

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  • Support our Intl Offices as an Intern
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