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WANTED: Android Engineer


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  • 慶応義塾大学環境情報学部卒。2015年より株式会社MAMORIO CTO就任。
    担当分野はスマートフォンアプリ(iOS、Android)およびサーバーサイド(Ruby On Rails)全般。
    国会DB(web): https://japandietdb.net/

  • 慶応義塾大学商学部卒。大学卒業後、SBIホールディングス入社。SBI証券にて株式公開引受業務、RMに従事。2012年7月日本初の落し物総合ソリューションを提供する落し物ドットコムを設立。2016年4月MAMORIO株式会社に社名変更。

What we do

  • MAMORIO is the world smallest BLE tag protects items from losing
  • MAMORIO FUDA sticker tag awarded Good Design Award 2018

We believe in forget about forgetting.
MAMORIO not only finds your items, but it also builds your confidence that your items are safe.
Using the MAMORIO BLE Protection tag you can rest assured that your items are safe using our smartphone application and the cloud network.

■ How to use MAMORIO (Youtube)

■ Tracks of MAMORIO cloud network

・2016: MAMORIO Tag awarded Good Design Award 2016
・2017: No.1 Sales on Amazon Launchpad
・2018: OMOTENASHI Selection Golden Award
・2018: Ranked on Deloitte Technology Fast50
・2018: MAMORIO FUDA awarded Good Design Award 2018
・2018: Nikkei Best Service Award Grand Prix

Why we do

The research stated that 40% of people living in Tokyo lose a valuable item such as wallet, purse, smartphone, within 5 years.
That's on average 280 million lost items a year.
We understand that feeling of helplessness when a personal object is lost forever because we live in Tokyo, we are part of that research.
We developed MAMORIO for one reason and one reason only to help and support people.

How we do

  • 法人向けSaaSビジネスのアクセラレータープログラムでトップ賞!
  • 2019年新商品発表会。日比谷ミッドタウンで開催。

The MAMORIO's BLE protection and security system are superior and developing our technology wasn't easy.
We spent countless hours researching the best ways to pursue our item security system.
We utilized all other means in finding and security lost items, such as QR code scan, research, BLE tag development, Train and Trainstation sensor installation, exploration, insurance investigation and we even conducted on the strict questioners to find out what the public wants.

As a new team member

- Android Engineer

- Regular user of Android smartphone.
- Experiences of developing native Android applications.

- Knowledge of the mobile application's test.
- Knowledge about test automation.
- Knowledge about reactive programming.
- Knowledge about IoT gadget development.

【Work Style】
- negotiable

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  • WANTED: Android Engineer