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Driven Engineering Manager WANTED!

Wantedly, Inc.

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  • Full-stack engineer at Wantedly. My desire to pursue a career aligned with my passion and interest in technology led me to became an engineer. Currently I am in Tokyo seeking to continue refining my coding abilities by working at a fast growing and impactful company.

  • As an aspiring entrepreneur and person with liking and interest in the business processes, I like to see software development through 'business eyes', with a keen interest in the application beyond development - the business solution served. I enjoy working in a challenging environment and have a...

  • 8 years experience software developer, with 2 years as scrummaster, half-French, half-British, I'm currently living and working in the center of Tokyo, Japan. My main work related interests are scrum practices, efficient development, automated testing and overall in-team communication. I have str...

  • 大学ではHCIとコミュニケーションデザインを専攻し、ドイツ留学とインターンでサービスデザインを経験する


    29才を期にUIUXへキャリアチェンジ。WantedlyではWantedly Peopleと海外版のデザインに関わる。

What we do

  • 人と企業のマッチングを最大化するWantedly Visit
  • つながりを資産に変える、Wantedly People




1つ目のWantedly Visitは、人と企業の出会いを生み出す「会社訪問アプリ」です。


2つ目のWantedly Peopleは、名刺管理をきっかけとし、人と人のつながりを将来持続的に使える資産へと変える「つながり管理アプリ」です。



Why we do

  • 洒落た会議室でココロオドルミーティングを
  • メンバー同士フラットなコミュニケーションが可能な環境





How we do

  • 「どうやっているのか」を本にまとめました
  • The Wantedly Values










As a new team member

You will join the team in order to help guide the development of our overseas product. Working closely with our designers and our overseas teams, you will help us implement our product roadmap and lead us ever closer to creating a world where work drives passion. Success in this role will lead to a bigger team and future expansion to more countries. The ideal candidate would be an experienced web-app developer who is looking to improve upon their management skills. We hope to leave the following to you:


- Coordinate with the CEO and country managers across all stages from product roadmap to implementation.
- Communicate release dates, schedules, product information and project status to international members.
- Communicate with designers to make data-driven decisions regarding the direction of the English language product.
- Manage the localization process to ensure corners are not cut and the product is exemplary across borders.
- Manage a small team of engineers and work together to improve the overseas versions of Wantedly.

Who are we looking for?

- Experience developing web applications
- Product-oriented mindset
- Strong communication skills (especially if your Japanese isn't great)
- Strong language skills in Japanese and English (N2~ish Japanese with at least business level English).
- Experience as the bridge between engineering and business.
- Project management experience.
- Ruby, Rails, Go, Python, gRPC
- Kubernetes, Docker
- GraphQL, RDB (especially PostgreSQL)

If you're interested in this position, don't hesitate to click Want to Visit!

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  • Driven Engineering Manager WANTED!
    Wantedly, Inc.