What we do

Piktochart is an infographics creating service that allows non-designers to create their own stylish visual charts. On the website, users import xls, xlsx, csv, and Google spreadsheet files and even customise the infographics freely as they wish. Our newest version of Piktochart with its HTML Publishing capability, generates infographics that are readable by search engines, with multiple clickable elements for users.

Why we do

Users know how to create presentations, but they lack the design-know-how. That's why we help them out. We empower users to create engaging infographics that are rich in content and perfectly ready for web publishing.

How we do

Meeting and discussion with lots of visuals and love
Piktocharteers, practising yoga by the beach. We work, we play and we relax!
Piktochart started in Penang (an island proud of its good food and exotic landscapes!) with just two members. After we had our very first paying user in 2012, we've grown to serving hundreds of thousands of users, still increasing. Our team is growing, too, and welcoming new members to join the journey. Now, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what Javascript and HTML5 can do to provide users with an awesome service.